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Anonymous asked: Can I please have a match? I am interested in so many thing politics, lgbtq, languages, countries, books, etc. I don't like being submissive in any sort of thing. I'm not tanned but pale neither. A number of people have started following me! Thank you all for stopping by. Feel free to send in some requests, I currently have 0 in my inbox and would be more than happy to write some stuff for you! Originally posted by kanzukikarin. Only the male survey corps members?

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Anonymous asked: Hcs for shiganshina trio??? Separate plz. Two Qs here but what Levi X Reader blogs would you recommend? Also, have you heard of Ackerfiction? I really like her stuff and was wondering what you thought about it? Such an honor to be mentioned along these amazing people and by such a good writer, no less! Nobody knows why. No faff. Not that being in such a raunchy store embarrasses him. But his eyes do have a wander as does his mind when he spots a few outfits; the fabrics would modestly yet snugly fit to the swell of your breasts and the flare of your hips.

He gives you ten minutes of space to decide what you want. When you do eventually turn, albeit with a slight jump at his stealthiness, the blunt man will push the racy items in your face. Sep 6, titanheadcanons. Sep 1, titanheadcanons. None of them strike me as lustful. If you had to pinpoint someone as a flirtatious fuckboy, it might be Reiner, imo.

See, if greed were linked solely to money, then no. In fact, he does train and fight with all his energy. Just think about the OVA. He was out for blood. I feel like many people would say so due to his jealousy of Eren and Mikasa. For me, personally, it feels off. Perhaps Oluo? Thing is, he has overcome his pride by joining the Survey Corps, but as a trainee, he was somewhat selfish and snobbish, wanting to strive for his own goals and belittling those, who would throw their lives away for others.

Aug 28, titanheadcanons.

eren x reader

Mikasa: are her eyes playing tricks on her? Aug 23, titanheadcanons. Anonymous asked: V, M, C Reiner? A cumshot of his always makes a mess.How are you? Eren shut the door behind him, locked it and picked up his lover and laid them down on the bed then taking his shirt off, tossing his shirt aside not caring where it landed and the brushing last a few loose strands of his hair that was in his face back.

Eren and his lover were cuddled up on his bed in his dorm room, as the television ran in the background. Ooh yay requests are open!!!

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It can be in a modern Au or during Canon era. Only sfw please? Sorry if this is annoying I can't find enough good stuff for these babs. Originally posted by silversunkiss.

Originally posted by superjaegerbros. Like do they stay close together, are they a battle duo, how they are like after an exposition etc. Sorry this took so long to do!

This is a super cute idea, and I hope I did it justice! Thank you for requesting! Originally posted by erensjaegerbombs. Originally posted by neogohann. Attack on Titan. My Hero Academia.

snk eren x reader

Dom Eren as well! Keep reading.

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I'd like to request some cop! Eren please! Eren walked in the looking for a suspicious criminal that was supposed to be hanging out here.

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It was a nice park as many people were out and about.I hope you enjoy this! I had fun writing it :. The usual? Erwin tilted his head. God, why is it so hard to find good help these days. Not only did he rarely let her sit in on meetings but he treated her like she was his on call servant on top of the piles of work that she was already expected to complete.

His eyes were cold and held no emotions but his tone was laced with venom. Sure he was hot but he lacked all forms of human decency. I should have been more careful!

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It was completely my mistake. All eyes were on her, her clothes still covered in the remnants of their spilled drinks clingling uncomfortably to her skin. That guy seems like a dick.

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Your boss is obviously a dick too. He should know better than to make cute girls cry. Coffee stains and all. The buzz from her phone bitterly broke her out of her trance. Her own heart was pounding against her rib cage, of all days to be asked out by a cute guy it just had to be the day that she was going to get flayed alive by Erwin and Levi. Regardless, she passed her phone over to him and entered her own number in his.

His boyish grin had her heart doing backflips. She put up a fake smile long enough to have him believing that she was fine but behind the facade she just wanted to lie in bed and disappear.

Unfortunately, being a responsible adult with bills to pay meant that she had no choice but to drag her ass out of bed and go to work. His fingers could work miracles.

snk eren x reader

Just as she was about to open the stall door she heard hushed voices entering the bathroom. They were kissing! Especially not when all she wanted to do was hide under her blankets at home. A ball of nerves settled in her stomach, her eyes were wide at hearing Levi, her Levi, being seen kissing someone else.

A million thoughts were racing through her mind as she tried and failed not to picture the two of them together. Petra was nice, she knew they were together.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Your job description was simple: hunting and eliminating fugitive war criminals, be they high ranking officers or mere cogs in the machine.

Motivated by a powerful sense of justice and the strength of your bloodline, you never shied away from the violence - no target too old, too feeble, too insignificant. A new job once again has you packing up your life and moving halfway across the world to find one man. Simple enough, until your pathway into the lions den, his son, breaks through the fog of vengeance and makes you question your morals, your superiors, and your entire way of life.

She was found beyond the Walls at eight years old with no memories. The only thing she knew was her name, a single memento that tethered her to her past.

For the next four years, she kept seeing a woman in her dreams. No matter what she dreamt of, she was always there. She knew she had to meet her. Somehow, she knew she could fill in the eight years she never remembered. Her one hope was to go beyond the Walls, where she had escaped the Titans, to finally give a meaning to her name.

Eren sleeps with a bunch of guys!! In the GUY'S barracks!! His sexuality would flip flop and then Eren would be gay!!! She's the reason why he gets up every morning. She's the air that fills his lungs.

He would do anything to make her happy. He would kill for her. But that's normal, right? Reader-chan is a 24 year old newly made teacher with self doubts about her relationship with her fiancee, Levi. She does her best to stay faithful, but a new friend of her's, Eren, who she met at a night club her cousin Hanji forced her to go at to make Levi jealous, starts grabbing her attention.

Will she stay with Levi or chose Eren. Stay tuned and find out. Falling asleep after playing some AOT2, I wake up as my character in a long row of cadets, and realize I'm now in the world of man eating giants where me and my peers could die at any time.You have known Eren since you guys were kids, you have been through everything together.

Mikasa and Armin were your best friends, but Eren, he was something more. He never really knew how you felt about him even though Mikasa and Armin did. They kept it a secret at your discretion. Being around Eren always gave you that funny feeling inside, like you were going to burst if he ever left you for too long. But all of that changed when the Titans showed up.

The Titans attacked everything, they have no feelings except for hunger. Your family made it out safely but Eren's mother didn't. She was stuck under the rubble of their house when it collapsed. You Eren and Mikasa tried your best to get her out but all of you were taken away before you could get her out. You were pulled away as you saw Eren's mother being eaten by a Titan. You knew there was no way you three would be able to get her out but Eren was determined so you were to.

You all met up with Armin and his Grandpa on the boat but something seemed different with Eren, he wasn't talking and he didnt even look at you when you tried to talk to him. You and Mikasa decided it was best to give him his space. It has been a few years since you saw Erens' mother get eaten by a Titan and it still haunts your nightmares to this day.

But you tried to put it behind you as you were training with Mikasa. You were determined to get stronger so that you never had to leave another person behind. But something has been wrong since that night. You barely see Eren anymore and when you do he doesn't acknowledge that you're there. You feel like he blames you for what happened, but how could it possibly be your fault you were a child? You decided to talk to Armin about, given he is the only person that actually takes to Eren on a regular basis.

You told him how you were feeling and what you thought. After he processed it for a while he told you he would talk to Eren about it. You two went your separate ways and didn't see each other again until dinner. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Rated M for future lemon. Third-Person P.

snk eren x reader

Chapter 1 2. Eren X Reader Lemon Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4. Chapter 4 5. Chapter 5 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.Except Naruto as Sailor Moon. That was too funny to pass up. It probably causes confusion, but I am in charge of both accounts, harzna and shadynebula lol.

This one here is primarily for fanfiction promotion and any requests or questions I have about what I write. Even if I only work three days a week, I am still swamped with research even on a normal schedule. Sometimes I get sick of my computer and just want to rest.

I get burned out from at times from writing, I get chronic migraines, and I also take care of my older parents at home. I want to put in effort, time, and love into what I write. I want to enjoy it and be in a good mindset doing so. At the moment, I am catching up on my life first before completing the requests I have in my ask inbox and the chapters for the two fanfictions on hold right now.

I take a lot of love and care into my writing so taking my time is the best course of action right now. I also have two new fanfictions I want to publish and work on at some point; or at least start. As well as revise one I scrapped and republish. So thank you all for being patient with me. It means a lot. You joined the Navy to escape your past and give yourself a future to look forward to; whatever that may be. One unexpected mishap led you into an unknown world far less advanced than your own with horrific war and creatures all around you.

A simple comfort you find over time is in the small things…or rather, a small man. You survive. Keep reading. Hanji: I am strong and independent. I can show my ass whenever and wherever I want. Levi: Strong and independent, my ass…. Your life has once again been turned upside down but for the better, you are much happier.Hello, my name is Luka. I do request for any of the many fan-girls in the world, this is my first, and it is for AoT: Eren Jeager.

You look at the time,today was your day off to just laze around and that is what you attended to do. Deciding to just go take a shower you threw your sheets to the ground mumbling to yourself about Sasha's repetitive habit of leaving her panties on the floor.

Finding your strength to stand up you go to the sink and rinse your mouth, after taking off your clothes you hop in the shower. Realizing Sasha was in the bathroom you asked her to give you your toothbrush. As you walk out of the bathroom you hear a knock at the door and go to open it up expecting to see Sasha but see Eren instead. Your face turns a light pink as you look down, you notice he has something behind his back.

I gasped a little and blushed at the sight of her in a towel. A few indecent thoughts rushed in my head and my light pink blush turned into a dark red one within a few seconds. Why is he all blushy and stuttery today? And what does he have behind his back? And for Gog sakes what is he looking at the floor again for…. He handed you a red rose and kissed your cheek as a reward. You smiled and giggled like a school girl. Now get out so I can change!

Story Story Writer Forum Community.

eren x reader

Eren's P. Your P. He likes you. You smiled and giggled like a school girl, " Sooo, does this make us a thing? You smile to yourself.